4 Ways To Increase Your Effort

When you feel unmotivated or like you’re dragging, it is essential that you make a change before it continues for too long.

If you are just not feeling committed to your workouts, it’s time to make some changes. You can increase your effort, and therefore get more results by implementing different strategies.

If you want to push harder in workouts, get more out of yourself and your training, then try these 4 suggestions.


4 Ways to Increase Your Effort Regardless of Your Environment

1. Have An Individualized Plan
Being on a personalized and specific plan will help you increase your effort, because the work will be tailored for you.Going to the box to just grab a workout might not be enough. Get on a specific plan and begin working on your ‘weaknesses’ if you want to be the best CrossFitter you can be.

2. Set Specific Goals
If you feel like you “half-ass it” far too often, then it’s time for you to create more specific training goals.  How many rounds do you want to get? Do you want to go unbroken?  How much weight do you want to lift? If you don’t focus on certain process goals you want to achieve, you may fall into a dangerous place of underperformance.

3. Get Some Accountability
I can’t even tell you how much this can help. Tell others your goals, your plan, your mission. Let other people know when you’re going to train, what you’re going to do and how it went. If you want to push harder, get a training partner, coach or a group to help you facilitate better performances. Accountability and support are the STRONGEST assets.

4. Track Your Results
We are all motivated by our results, both our own and others that are like us. We can get far more motivated when we are tracking our results, comparing ourselves to what we used to be able to do, or looking forward to what will be able to do in the future. Write down your workouts, numbers, positives, learning lessons and takeaways so that you can use this info for even more motivation.


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I’m Dawn Fletcher, the owner of Driven Mind. I help driven-individuals perform better and achieve greatness in all that they do.

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  1. Sebastián Constante says

    I loved your blog, especially the detail so that each exercise is maximized. I will definitely start practicing it combining it with what I have been doing for a long time and it has also given me results. Regards.

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