8 Ways To Offset Your Training Intensity

8 Ways To Offset The Intensity of Your Training For Better Performance

1. Each week, take 1-2 days off with at least 1 of them full days off (outside of your box)  and the other off day may be an active recovery/light day that is focused on recovery and mobility or doing something refreshing outside of the gym. Most people do well on a 3 on – 1 off – 3 on – 1 off schedule. *If it has been a month and you have done nothing else active besides CrossFit, fix it. It is already too late if it’s been a month.

2. Every 60-90 days take 2-3 days off in a row. Get out of your CrossFit routine, try a new sport or activity or just fully rest and recover. I suggest planning these 3+ days off after a hard cycle of training or especially after a competition.

3. Every 6 months, take 3-5 days off in a row.

4. Implement 15 minutes a day (at the very minimum) of quiet, alone time. Turn the phone off, get away from the computer, close your eyes if you’d like and just let your mind wander. Take deep diaphragmatic breaths and just be thoughtful. *You can do this with a purpose (meditating on a certain topic, prayer etc.) or you can just let your mind go wherever it wants. Just be alone and quiet every single day with no interruptions. The “Calm” App or “Headspace” App work really well.

5. Attend yoga, pilates, tai chi, meditation or another type of practice that forces slower movement. If it is uncomfortable, do it until you get comfortable. I suggest doing something like once a month, to slow your pace down and counter the intensity.

6. Play pick up games and sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball, surf, climb, ski, hike, swim) without a specific goal or time domain but just enjoy the process. Do this as often as possible outside of your CrossFit WODs. Try to do something like this at least a couple of times a month, if not more regularly.

7. Implement play days into your training schedule (or for your clients). Flip tires, climb ropes, create obstacle courses, play dodgeball, throw sandbags, or make up games. None of these options are to be done for a score.

8. Prioritize a practice that is strictly for relaxing purposes (read a book, play music, do puzzles, journal, create art). This hobby is not focused on an outcome or result, but more about enjoying the process and just being present to enjoy it. Prioritize time each week for this, if not more regularly. Too often we are on our phones, computers or in front of the TV (hopefully not all 3 at once). But, there are better ways to unwind, we just gotta make the habit.


The best of the best, know that offsetting their intense  training is incredibly valuable. They know how to push when it matters most, and how to get restored and stay incredibly motivated throughout the season.

What could you implement ASAP to be a better competitor?


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I’m Dawn Fletcher, the owner of Driven Mind. I help driven-individuals perform better and achieve greatness in all that they do.

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