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The word “only” can be used in an optimistic, helpful way, and it can be used in a pessimistic, unhelpful manner. If you’re in the middle of a workout, and you’re trying to give it your all, you gotta be really careful with what you’re saying to yourself. Your words can help you move faster and more efficiently, or they can slow you down and hold you back.

There’s one word that I hear athletes use a LOT during training. Be careful how you use the word “only” in your workouts, and your life (obviously).

Here’s what I mean

  • In the middle of a 5 rounds for time WOD you can say “I’ve only done two rounds” – negative OR “I only have three rounds left” – positive, more helpful
  • During a strength session you can say “I only lifted 5 more pounds than last week” – negative OR “I only have 10 more pounds to go to hit my goal” – positive, more helpful

Make sure that you’re listening to what you’re saying, and understand how your words are making you feel. Of course you’ll want to continue to improve your weaknesses, but you can do this in an optimistic way. Focus on the positive, so that you can continue to progress and enjoy the process.



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