CrossFit Open WOD 15.2 Tips | Mental Performance

For each WOD of the 2015 Open I will make a few tips and suggest some Mentality WOD posts to help you perform your best. These 5 weeks are a huge physical and mental challenge, and you have to be adaptable, prepared and confident to get the most out of yourself.

For all of the Open workouts remind yourself why you’re there, be grateful for your abilities and opportunities, surround yourself with amazing support, focus on what you can control and put it all out there.



For 15.2 you’ll be rewarded for pacing and pushing. Meaning you’ll want that solid combination of keeping yourself calm as long as possible, and then really turning it up when it’s time. Think about steadily increasing your pace as you go through each round, you want to get quicker and take less time between sets and reps as the rounds go on.  If you get distracted or get caught up missing reps, then you’ll waste valuable time. Here are my top tips and posts to help you out.

1. Body Language Tips – Do not put your hands on your legs and spend time slumped over (even though you’re tired).  Do not stare at your hands if they begin hurting. Do not show your frustration, fatigue or discomfort with your facial expressions or movements. – Instead, keep your face and grip relaxed to conserve energy, keep your shoulders back , your head up and stay in control of where your eyes are focused.

2. Breathing Tips – a) When you walk up to the barbell and the rig take a centering breath before you grab it and go. Most missed reps or errors will happen when you rush and don’t take the time to get in a good position so that you can go right into a steady rhythm. b) Keep your breath slow and consistent/steady through the OHS c) Whenever you break up any reps, stick to 1-5 breaths before you get going again, commit to your predetermined amount of resting breaths and stick with that as long as possible through the workout.

3. Self-Talk Tips – a) Decide what you’re going to tell yourself when it really starts to suck and you have less than :30 to finish your reps. How are you going to keep pushing to that dark place? How are you going to stick with the reps when everything is hurting? Know what thoughts you’re going to use in order to keep moving. b) Have a plan for what you’re going to think about during your rest periods. For the first few rounds, this may be over a minute or so which is plenty of time for your thoughts to get negative and doubtful, if you let them. Instead, concentrate on thoughts that help you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Lastly, remember that the athletes that kick ass in Open workouts aren’t at the top because they are perfect.They have consistently strong performances because they react quickly to setbacks and mishaps. If you get no-repped, trip, or drop the bar early, how quickly can you recover?

Stop, shake it off, come back to your movement cues and positive talk then get back to moving. Taking a quick second to center yourself will actually help your performance.

I’ll leave you with one quote for 15.2 – “The greater the struggle, the greater the reward”



I’m Dawn Fletcher, the owner of MENTALITY WOD. I help driven-individuals perform better and achieve greatness in all that they do.

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  1. Dan says

    Gotta say that I love how you fill in the missing element of performance in Crossfit … its as much mental as it is physical!

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