How To Find The Right Training Partners


Who you surround yourself with matters. The people you train with can have a huge impact on your mentality and therefore your workouts. Your training partners can help you push harder than you ever imagined. They can help you flourish and stay consistent. They can both challenge you and support you. These people can help you reach your goals…if they are a good fit for you.

Obviously, there’s no perfect training partner or group, but you may find that there is room for improvement. Look over these questions and think about how you might improve as a training partner. Consider who you might want to train with more, or less often.

  1. Are they timely and accountable? Can you rely on them to be on time and where they say they’ll be?
  2. Are they encouraging? Can you count on them to help you, and lift you up?
  3. Are they motivated and excited about training? Do they look forward to workouts and are they pumped about their goals?
  4. Are they positive and do they give out good vibes? Do they smile, laugh, joke, play and stay optimistic (for the most part)? Are they enjoyable to be around?
  5. Are they committed? Do they make sacrifices, stay late, come early and train their weaknesses regularly?
  6. Are they easy for you to talk to? Is it safe to share your doubts and concerns with them? Do they listen and ask you questions to find out more?
  7. Do they respond to challenge with perseverance and patience? Are they willing to work through struggle and setbacks?
  8. Are they open to learning and staying coachable? Do you see them reading, practicing, receiving coaching and studying?
  9. Do they stay balanced and prioritize other areas of their life (relationships, downtime, work, giving back)?
  10. Do they openly share their struggles? Are they honest with what’s hard for them, and do they lean on you for support?


What other characteristics are important to you in a training partner? Comment below.


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