How To Encourage a Frustrated Beginner

Coaching Tip: Occasionally, I will post tips specifically for the coaches out there. If you’re not a coach you will still be able to use them to improve as an athlete, teammate or training partner.

CrossFit can be frustrating, especially to beginners who haven’t tried any of the movements before. Beginners may become even more frustrated and down on themselves if they are in class with a bunch of studs.

  • After the WOD is over, if you hear a beginner saying something similar to one of the statements below…make sure you approach that individual

“I was really struggling.”

“I could barely even get that movement.”

“I didn’t know what I was even doing, that sucked.”

“I am horrible at those, damn that was frustrating.”

“I suck at the barbell movements”

  • Sometimes, I simply ask the athlete something like

“When was the last time you did rope climbs? Give yourself some credit.” – The answer is usually “like 20 years ago”

“How often do you practice Cleans? It’s awesome that you were even doing them!” – The answer is usually “never”

  • Then, you may want to give the athlete an analogy and some encouragement. Here’s something that I have used before

“It’s like learning a new language. It will take repetition and persistence. I am sure if it was my first French Class, I’d stumble a little bit and feel a bit awkward. Stick with it, it only gets better if you keep trying!”


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