How To Relax Your Mind Before Bed

There is a time and a place for thinking about the future. Of course, it’s helpful to plan and to visualize what you want to happen, especially when you’re in “work mode.”  But, when you’re trying to unwind or get to sleep, it’s not best to stress about the future. Have you ever been laying in bed and your mind is just racing?

Thoughts about what’s upcoming, often lead to anxiety, worry and restlessness. You may begin to think of all that “you have to do” and wonder “how it’s all going to turn out.” You begin planning, analyzing, and stressing over what may lie ahead.

So when you’re trying to relax, reflect on a good memory.

1. First, make a mental or actual list of 5-10 of your favorite memories.

2. When you catch your thoughts drifting towards the future (and worry, doubt, fear, stress), bring your thoughts back to one of those memories and recall all of the details about the event (who was involved, what did you do, where were you, what was the weather, what did you eat, etc.)

3. Replay the event in your head hour by hour if possible. Think about all of your favorite parts of the memory.

This is especially to do when you’re trying to rest or recover. You’ll be better able to handle upcoming stress if you’re well-rested and feeling positive.

Key Takeaway: Thinking about the good past, is much more calming than thinking about the unknown future.



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