Is It Time To Get A Coach?

When you have a fitness or performance goal, it’s best to have clear intentions and quality support. But, how do you know if it’s time to get a coach, or try a new program? Here are some basic guidelines and suggestions

You may want to hire a fitness coach if….

  • You haven’t reached a goal you’ve been trying to reach for a while. You’ve been working towards it on your own, but still don’t feel as successful as you’d like to
  • You feel stagnant or like your overall fitness is actually declining. Maybe you’ve seen your progress come to a halt, or your numbers are dropping and you’re wondering why
  • You haven’t been consistent
  • You don’t know how to prioritize your goals to maximize your training efforts. Meaning, you’re unsure about how much of what type of training would be best to help you excel
  • You’re bored with what you’ve been doing
  • You don’t understand your training program and why you’re doing certain exercises, progressions or workouts
  • You constantly beat up, injured, or uncomfortable and you’re frustrated/upset about how your body feels
  • You love learning new methods, strategies, techniques, movements and skills
  • You’re craving a challenge because you realize you’ve been too comfortable with your own little routine
  • You’re not satisfied with your body composition, your health or your ability to do things in your daily life
  • You have an upcoming event, competition or game that you want to be in the best possible shape for
  • You feel restricted by your range of motion
  • You’re disappointed that others seem to be improving at a much quicker rate than you
  • You feel unmotivated, and are starting to lose your passion and energy
  • You want to know that you did everything you could to improve your strength, conditioning, gymnastics, mobility, etc.

You may want to hire a mental performance coach if…

  • You care about competing at the highest level in your sport
  • You want to make sure that on game day, you know exactly what to focus on
  • You want to create powerful habits and routines that will strengthen your mentality
  • You want to improve your ability to adapt to adversity, pressure and the unexpected
  • You want to learn how to develop a positive, powerful mindset so you can thrive in all areas of your life
  • You’re not sure how to get mentally prepared and confident heading into an event/workout/game
  • You feel a lot of anxiety and stress that hinders your ability to perform
  • You want to identify thoughts that help you keep pushing no matter what
  • You have no education or experience in psychology
  • You feel overwhelmed by your training schedule and can’t ever seem to unwind
  • You want to learn how to push through tough events, workouts and competitions
  • You want to develop the strongest mental game so you can win more consistently
  • You aren’t enjoying your training and can’t seem to find the fun in it any more
  • You are constantly fatigued and feel like you’re running on empty
  • You want to be positive, composed and feel ready for anything
  • You know that you’re better than how you’ve been performing, but you can’t figure out what’s wrong


If you’re ready to start working with a coach, do your research. Ask your friends, scope out your options, and send some emails or make calls. Find out as much about the coach as you can and ask any questions that you have before making a commitment. Great coaches will answer all of your questions, take the time to do a full assessment, and will only commit to you if they truly feel that you’re compatible and that they can help you.

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  1. Dean says

    I have been thinking about getting a personal trainer to help create more result-driven workout routines. Thanks for the article share!

  2. Vivek says

    Thanks for sharing valuable information. This Segregated information would help each individual in getting a clear idea of which coach is needed for them..

  3. Walter says

    Great list of questions to qualify whether one needs a coach. I need to be more proactive about my fitness, so maybe getting a coach is for me?

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