Limiting Thoughts

In my ALL IN Mastermind coaching group, we’ve been talking about the thoughts that hold us back – the stories we tell ourselves that keep us from FULLY going after the greatness that’s possible.

What are you telling yourself that is FICTIONAL and you’re counting it as FACT?

These limiting thoughts commonly sound like

“I can’t…”

“It’s too…”

“I’m not _____ enough”

“I don’t….” or “I won’t….”

“I should or shouldn’t…”

How To Navigate Them

1st – Practice acceptance… at least a little bit. A reminder to yourself it’s okay, you’re human, this is normal. We all have different reasons for having these thoughts.

2nd – Challenge it. Is this thought fully true? Is it helpful? Might there be something else that is more true and/or helpful to consider?

3rd – Create a stronger thought, one that’s open to how positive the possibilities may be. It may be tough to get there AND you can keep improving. They may be faster than you and you can keep having fun with your progress. You don’t know if you’ll get there and at the same time you are committed to trying, because you love it. It will help if it’s both realistic AND optimistic 🙂

What is it that’s limiting you?

We can learn to WORK WITH OUR THOUGHTS, instead of beating ourselves up about them. We can learn to be aware of our limiting narratives and to challenge them in healthy ways.

This will help you achieve even greater success and fulfillment.

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I’m Dawn Fletcher, the owner of Driven Mind. I help driven-individuals perform better and achieve greatness in all that they do.

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