Madison, 2017


A quick wrap up post from my first trip to Madison, for the 2017 CF Games.

This post has NOTHING to do with the CrossFit Games events or athletes, and is just some tips and highlights from the city which will hold the Games for at least the next 2 years. I spent most of the time at the arena from 8am-8pm each day, but had a little time to try the local food, and get out and about.

I’ve been going to the CF Games in Carson for 7 years, and wasn’t too sure what to expect from the change, but what a great town it is!

Best Food & Drinks I Had

Coffee = Hotel Red + Indie Coffee + Dunkin Donuts

Breakfast = Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwiches at Indie Coffee

Lunch = Gyros, Kabobs and more at Mediterranean Cafe (so damn good)  + Chipotle, of course

Dinner = Tacos at Canteen , Stingray Fin, Oysters and Happy Hour at Sardine (best ambiance),  Gluten-Free Pizza at Ian’s, Burger and Salads at Dlux, Short Ribs and Cauliflower at Graft

Dessert = Graft

Hang-out/Drinks = Sardine, Lucille


Other Highlights

Besides the actual events, supporting the athletes I coach, connecting with brands, coaches and fans, and the hanging out with great friends I don’t see often….the best parts were…the gorgeous weather, the green trees and grass, canoeing in Lake Wingra, walking to Picnic Point, running intervals on the UW track and checking out the campus, swinging by the public market in Milwaukee, the ease of getting around town, the cleanliness of the city, and the incredibly kind locals.


Tips for future Games Attendees (coaches, spectators, vendors, media)

Stop by Trader Joes or another grocery store on the way to the venue every day – keep a cooler in your car and go back for food – bring an empty water bottle, fill it up inside the Collesium or near the campgrounds – bring a change of clothes and some wipes, soap or a towel so you can workout during the day and freshen up – definitely bring your own extra phone charging device – find a quiet spot and lay down or take a nap between events away from the crowds – stay as close to the venue as possible to limit driving on such long days – talk to the locals and ask them their favorite things to do or places to eat – bring a rain jacket and prepare for big swings in the temperature – stay for an extra day or two so you can actually check out the area


What did you enjoy about Madison? What tips would you suggest? Comment below or tag me on social.



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