17 Mental Recovery Strategies For Athletes


What the hell do I mean by “mental recovery?”

Anything that helps you feel like your batteries are recharging. Anything that brings more joy and satisfaction to your life. It’s any thought or action that improves your well-being and reduces the amount of tension, stress or anxiety you feel. It’s the idea of giving your mind a break in the intensity, so you can go hard again.

Sometimes you’ll want to engage in more adventurous, thrilling and exciting activities to improve your mood. Other times, you’ll want to be more peaceful and relaxed. The key is building awareness about what helps you feel restored and carving out time each day and each week for mental restoration.

If you’re a goal driven person who is on the grind, trying to get things done, you’ll benefit from chilling out and slowing the hell down. If you can prioritize restoration time throughout your week, you’ll be able to give more focus and intensity when it matters most. Honestly, even 5-10 minutes here and there can make the world of a difference. Don’t believe me? Try it.

A lot of athletes work their asses off in training – get home and make some food – scroll through social media and scan stuff on tv or the internet until they fall asleep. Repeat this day after day and a few weeks later they are tired,distraught, lacking confidence or struggling with other signs of burn out.  Does that sound like you?

I program mental restoration for the athletes I work with and I check to see that they are taking time for these types of activities each week. To be your best, you have to crush your training and maximize your recovery.


17 Restoration Ideas For Athletes Training At High Intensity

1. Meditate

2. Pray

3. Let your mind wander without any distractions, while being as still as possible

4. Read

5. Journal

6. Create or look at/watch art

7. Make or listen to music

8. Work on breathing

9. Listen to podcasts

10. Watch movies or shows (hopefully uplifting or educational ones…not trash)

11. Talk with your favorite people

12. Cook

13. Do outdoor activities

14. Do ROMWOD, yoga, light stretching, etc.

15. Get a massage or other spa treatment

16. Take a bath or relaxing in a hot tub

17. Visualize

There is immense value in doing an activity simply for pleasure and not to improve, win or perfect it.

There are hundreds of ways to get restored so that you can continue to put out high effort at your training or job. Continue to tune into what helps you, and what you want to regularly incorporate into your schedule.

What else makes you feel rejuvenated? Comment below with your favorite method.



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