Non-Verbal Anchors & How Can They Help You

As you are going through your warm up routine or getting ready for a big lift, you can use anchor words or you can use non-verbal anchors.  These anchors or triggers will help you feel focused and ready.

  • Non-verbal anchors can be touch (tugging at your shirt, clapping your hands together or tapping your leg) or visual (looking at a certain part of your clothes, or writing on your hand or the ground). When you are practicing getting into a calm, focused and prepared state of mind, practice connecting your anchor (verbal or non-verbal) with those positive feelings. This will tell your unconscious mind to adopt that optimal state of mind and you will be ready to perform your best in the WOD. The more you practice tying your anchor to those positive feelings, the more effective it will be when you use it.
  • Ex: I am going to tap my right leg, with my hand three times before each WOD and remind myself that I am calm, prepared, and ready for anything. I will do this before each WOD and take deep breaths and close my eyes (making me feel more calm, prepared and ready). Then, when I enter a competition and I am feeling anxious, I can simply tap my leg three times and be reminded of those positive feelings. I can also do this when I am in some crazy situation or getting stressed out at work etc.


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