1 on 1 Coaching

How Does 1 on 1 Coaching Work?

1. You start by filling out the application below, unless we’ve worked together very recently

2. I review it and send you over any follow up to see if we are a good fit

3. We hop on the phone for 15 minutes (if needed) to discuss any questions

4. You purchase 3 months of coaching at $2,700 – which can be broken up into 2 payments ($1,500 each) if preferred

5. We schedule our first call together, and continue to schedule up to 2 each month for 3 months

5. We work through a plan and coaching that will help you become your best

6. I send you notes, drills, readings, strategies, check ins and suggestions to help keep you on track

7. You can message me at any time – you get unlimited text/voice note support from me

8. This 1 on 1 coaching will likely only be offered at a couple of points during the year and it is not guaranteed that after 3 months our coaching will continue (not bc I don’t want to, but because of different commitments throughout the year)


What If I Want More Info On If This Is For Me?

1. Send me an email ASAP and let’s find out how I can help. I may be able to offer another option that would work better for you. It all depends on my current commitments – Dawn@drivenmindtraining.com

2. Review the testimonials to find out more about me and this coaching

3. You may want to book a single session consult to start there

*One-on-one coaching is available on a VERY limited basis. I work with less than 5 people at a time, and only when my schedule permits.