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For each WOD of the 2015 Open I will make a few tips and suggest some Mentality WOD posts to help you perform your best. These 5 weeks are a huge physical and mental challenge, and you have to be adaptable, prepared and confident to get the most out of yourself.

For all of the Open workouts remind yourself why you’re there, be grateful for your abilities and opportunities, surround yourself with amazing support, focus on what you can control and put it all out there.

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1. Get focused.The more objects and people you bring into your vision, the more likely you’ll become distracted from your plan and goals.

a) Before the workout keep your eyes, and your stare in your control.  So, during the warm-up begin to zero in on your space and equipment, your game plan, and how you’re going to push.

b) During the workout, keep your eyes where they need to be for each movement – don’t look at the crowd or at your competitor during any movement, instead limit your glances at the clock to transitions between movements or quick breaks. You can’t afford to be looking all around during this workout, each movement requires your 100% focus. Find a focal spot at each station so you can glue your eyes there once you get to it. This will serve as a reminder to set your eyes, then begin your cues for the movement.


2. Use cue words. Have short and sweet reminders that you’re going to use for each movement. These words are cues for what you want to focus on to make sure you’re getting solid, clean, efficient reps.

Examples: For muscle ups: “big kip, big press” For wall balls: “heels down, explode up” For double-unders: “steady jump, stay relaxed” – For all of these movements it will be helpful for you to tell yourself “I’m on a roll now, I’m in a zone, I’m in a great rhythm, this feels strong and steady”.

More advanced athletes will be able to use movement cues as well as mantras in an effective way.

3. Have a “no-rep” or a “mess up” routine. Obviously you want to visualize, and plan for success in each workout, but know that the athlete who is able to adapt the quickest is often the one who comes out on top. Meaning, if you mess up or stumble for with any of the MUs, WBs or DUs (which might happen because you’ll be doing so damn many of them) know how you’re going to respond and stick to a routine. Maybe it’s 2 deep breaths, a smile and a positive thought. Maybe it’s shaking out your shoulders, bringing the rope handles to touch in front of you and then you get going again. Keep your breaks consistent and as short as possible by knowing what you’re going to do during them and knowing how you’re going to quickly respond. It’s important that you can prepare for different variables and situations, so that you aren’t annoyed or flustered if they happen.


If you are feeling discouraged about this WOD, you may surprise yourself when you clear your mind of doubtful thoughts, complaints and bitterness:

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I’m Dawn Fletcher, the owner of MENTALITY WOD. I help driven-individuals perform better and achieve greatness in all that they do.

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