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Helping sport and fitness coaches achieve massive success.


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Details About This High-Level Online Course

How Does It Work?

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Who's It For?

The coach who wants to create a booming, sustainable business

  • Those who want to help their clients/athletes/gym achieve massive success

  • The high-achieving leader who craves personal growth and a strong mindset

  • Anyone in the fitness industry who want tools to excel in leadership and coaching

  • CF-L3 credential holders, who want to continue their education and get CEUs


Course Includes 12 Sections

Section 1 - Identify Your Goals

Section 2 - Develop Your Values + Purpose

Section 3 - Create Powerful Core Habits

Section 4 - Improve Stress Management

Section 5 - Sharpen Your Focus

Section 6 - Increase Your Confidence

Section 7 - Enhance Your Communication

Section 8 - Gain Trust + Build Relationships

Section 9 - Help Others Get Results

Section 10 - Help Others Overcome Struggles

Section 11 - Create Stronger Minds

Section 12 - Coaching For Events/Games



Develop The Strongest Coaching Methods

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  • Gain more confidence in your ability to lead classes/meetings/sessions/training
  • Get your clients and athletes BIGGER results
  • Create a booming and sustainable coaching business
  • Handle stress and challenges with ease
  • Increase your energy and maximize your time
  • Get more done with optimal focus strategies
  • Become known for the results you get
  • Get people to BUY IN and trust your coaching
  • Know exactly what to do or say when a client/athlete/employee is struggling
  • Learn the best coaching strategies to help others with their mindsets

ONLY $250 (a one-time payment)

*Access for an entire year, though it only takes about 20 hours to get through

*Exclusive Bonus Content = 10 Biggest Coaching Errors, 10 Ways To Make It As An Online Coach, 50 Prompts To Help Others Dig Deeper, Top 50 Mindset Books

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What Others Have To Say

"The course has drastically exceeded my expectations. Any many of the topics, especially in the creating powerful habits section I feel have made me a better coach already.
You better believe that I will recommend the course to friends and colleagues who are looking for additional growth resources.

Thank you for the effort, energy and passion you have put into your course. It is already making a difference with me!" - Ben Plotnicki, BS, MS, Certified CrossFit Trainer

“The content is excellent and well explained, direct. Thanks for putting this stuff together, I’ve looked around a lot for mental training-type courses and yours is some of the best I’ve found. You’ve helped me become a better athlete and a better person.” – Thomas C.

This program is already paying off! I would highly recommend it!.”– Bruce Young, owner of 2 Gyms

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Your Instructor, Dawn Fletcher

I’m Dawn Fletcher, the creator of this course and owner of Driven Mind.

Over the last 18 years I’ve coached more than 30 CrossFit Games Athletes, National Champions, Triathletes, Military Service Members, Executives, Endurance Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Coaches and thousands of others to major accomplishments.

I started working a gym cleaning equipment for $7/hr in 2005. I've owned my coaching business for almost 2 decades and worked in every aspect of fitness and sport. Now, I'm able to consult for the best and charge $500 an hour.

I own Driven Mind, a peak performance company, and also currently serve as a 29029 Everesting Challenge Coach, an Cold Exposure Coach with Ice Barrel, a Certified XPT Breath Coach and a Mental Performance Subject Matter Expert for Power Monkey.

I created this course to help you develop your craft as a coach or leader. I can't wait for you to use the powerful concepts and effective strategies you'll access in this coaches certification course.

I’m a CrossFit Level 3, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and a specialization in Sport and Exercise Psychology. I love helping people live into their fullest potential.