Gain Mental Strength eBook

Are you looking for the edge?

Do you regularly find yourself slowing down or stopping early?

Does stress, fear or discomfort hold you back from being your best?

The Book Will Help You

  • Improve your mental toughness for training, events and hard situations in life
  • Push through pain, discomfort and fatigue
  • Become extremely confident in the face of challenge
  • Identify strategies to get the most out of your training
  • Stay incredibly motivated to reach your goals
  • Gain an edge on your competition
  • Build the strongest mind you've ever had


  • Top 10 Ways To Reduce Stress & Improve Your Mindset
  • Top 20 Ways To Push Through a WOD When It Really Gets Tough
  • Drills To Help You Quickly Overcome Setbacks
  • Exercises to Assess Your Own Mental Strength Gaps


I'm Dawn Fletcher (CSCS, CrossFit Level 3 Coach, MA Kinesiology w/ Specialization in Sport Psychology)

I wrote the Build Mental Strength eBook to help you get the results you want in your training. I know you want to have mental toughness so that you can reach your goals and perform your best.

I've sifted through all of the research and information to give you the MOST important tips. I have studied every aspect of fitness and psychology, and have coached thousands of driven-individuals towards there goals. My goal is to help you become more resilient.

This download will help you push through challenges and come out on top. It will help you dig deeper to get more out of your abilities.

"I just finished your book and I loved it!! This will definitely become a reference book for fitness and life going forward. Thanks for ditching the psychobabble and putting out a book that you don't need a Ph.D. to decipher." - John L.


"I’d like to think I have a good amount of mental strength already (training for and running a marathon is no easy task!), but this book is helping me identify some of the negative thoughts that come up often for me and providing tips for overcoming them to become stronger and more resilient.  I have already noticed a difference in my mental approach to workouts!" - Kim


"When I read The Build Mental Strength eBook and started practicing your suggestions every day, I noticed a lot about myself and how I handle challenges and wins. In fact, I’ve been practicing “mind over matter” so much that people have been coming up to me and asking how I keep so calm and collected and have a good attitude all the time. We just got back from the Dakota Games in Fargo and I experienced a lot of discouraging things that were out of my hands (i.e. bad judges, specific lanes that were at a disadvantage, not being placed in a competitive heat, etc.), but I stayed focused on the things I could control and I ended up taking 5th overall at the competition. Thank you so much for providing this resource" - Stesha G.

Gain Mental Strength eBook

Gain Mental Strength 2020

A 60+ page eBook that will help you increase your mental strength so you can excel through TOUGH training sessions, events and life’s challenges.

Learn how to overcome pain, stress, fear and fatigue with tons of practical strategies. Build grit and know exactly to persevere. Increase your ability to handle adversity and adapt to discomfort.

This instant download is for all types of driven athletes and individuals – it’s for anyone who wants to build a stronger mind for sport or life.