Online Programs

Mental Training Program – For Athletes

3 Months of Mental Training for any type of athlete with a fitness, performance or sport goal. You get world-class mindset training delivered straight to an app on your phone (called Sugar WOD) for a one-time fee of $45.

The Training Will Help You: Increase confidence, enhance resilience, improve focus, adapt better to adversity, create a stronger why, and become a stronger competitor. 

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Coaching Certification Course

This is a “go at your own pace” course designed to help you EXCEL as a leader in fitness/sport. Enhance your coaching and leadership skills. Learn exactly how to have a greater impact on others and achieve great success in your business.

The course is especially designed to help you master your own mindset and coach the mental side more effectively. You’ll improve your stress management, communication skills, time management, confidence, focus, purpose and learn how to help other’s optimize their mindset too. You’ll also get exclusive bonus content that will help you LEVEL UP.

You’ll receive a certification upon completion of this course and it will count towards your CrossFit CEUs. You’ll have access for 1 year, plenty of time to get through the material that typically only takes about 6-9 weeks.

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Instant Downloads

Max Confidence MasterClass with Margaux Alvarez

Increase your confidence for sport, business and life. This webinar is full of tips and insights from Dawn and guest Margaux Alvarez.

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50 GRIT Workouts

Train your body and your mind with these 50 grueling workouts!

Workout styles are a combination of running, swimming, bodyweight, weightlifting, and odd object. If you’re a driven-individual who wants to build GRIT, these are for you.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, there are suggested modifications for EVERY workout.

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Gain Mental Strength eBook

A 60+ page eBook that will help you increase your mental strength so you can excel through TOUGH training sessions, events and life’s challenges.

Learn how to overcome pain, stress, fear and fatigue with tons of practical strategies. Build grit and know exactly to persevere. Increase your ability to handle adversity and adapt to discomfort.

This instant download is for all types of driven athletes and individuals – it’s for anyone who wants to build a stronger mind for sport or life.

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The Mental Prep Guide

An eBook to help you prepare for your BIG event, game or competition!

This guide was created for you to start 10 days before your event, but will help you prepare regardless of when you start! I put all of the best preparation tips and strategies all in this download. There’s nothing else out there like it.

It will help you build confidence, focus, purpose and mental strength leading up to anything that matters to you. It’s designed for any type of athlete or high-performer.


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30 Days of Growth – Journal Challenge

A 30 Day Journal Challenge to help you maximize your personal growth.

If you want to become your best, this instant download is for you! This challenge is packed with life-changing questions, that will kick start your personal development.

Complete 1 journal prompt every day for the next 30 days and you’ll begin to excel across the board, in all you do.

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MP3 Voice Recordings Bundle

A collection of 11 MP3 Voice Recordings to help you improve your mindset.

These are for any driven-individual, looking to improve for an event or for daily life. Get all 11 MP3s instantly, save them to your device and listen to them whenever you want. Each one is about 5 minutes long.

They include – mental prep, gratitude, restoration, successful visualization and a few breathing practices!

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1-on-1 Coaching Package

Includes 3 months of monthly zoom/phone calls, unlimited text/voice messaging between sessions and individualized coaching support. Please make sure your application has been approved before purchasing.

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Coaching Consult – Single Session

1 Remote Coaching Consult. Includes follow-up with suggestions, focus areas and tips.

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ALL IN Mastermind

Dawn’s High-Performance Mastermind. 3 Months of Group Coaching


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Speaking / Events

Speaking & Seminars

Have Coach, CEO Dawn Fletcher talk to your members or team about a variety of performance and mindset topics.

Can be via zoom or at your location! 1hr – 6 hour options avail. Let’s book it today! Click on the product title for more info.

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