Should You Get Your CrossFit L1 Certification

Should you get your CrossFit L1 Certification or not?

Here are my 2 cents.

Question: “I’ve been doing CrossFit for a while, should I get certified?”

Here are 5 great reasons to go to a Level 1 Course

1. You love CrossFit. It’s simply a passion of yours that you get excited about. It improves the quality of your life and you want to know more about it. Maybe it’s an outlet for you that you really enjoy.

2. You want to (or already do) coach others. You are interested in helping others improve in fitness and sport. You’d like to gain more knowledge about CrossFit so that you can impact the lives of others

3. You want to (or already do) own a box or another CrossFit-related business. You want to be more involved in the community or you’ve always wanted to own a gym or help athletes with a product or service idea that you have. 

4. You want to learn more. You might have a bunch of other fitness certs, but you are intrigued by what CrossFit is teaching. Maybe you’ve had some decent coaches, but know that there is a lot more to learn about proper movement, nutrition, programming, and health.

5. You dig the community. You have bonded with other amazing CrossFitters and you just want to be even more involved with the community. You want to build relationships with other like-minded individuals that share your love of CrossFit!

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