The 1 Month Experiment

At the beginning of June I decided I was going to try to learn how to juggle. I made a commitment to practice for 30 minutes a week (approximately 3, 10 minute sessions). I figured I would try to get as good as possible in 1 month and then move on to something else.

I think that the timeline of “1 month” makes it less intimidating, a bit more structured than an open-ended goal and a lot more interesting.

It’s like “let me see what I can do in just 30 days.” It challenges you to commit, to go for it, to have some fun with it. You don’t have to even have a goal with this. You don’t have to even “get better” during this experiment. You can simply do, try, practice, engage with and see what happens. That’s the best part.

I started with just 2 balls in one hand, and couldn’t even exchange them once. My skill level at the beginning of June was 0, it was pretty ridiculous actually. It’s been 3 weeks, and I can now juggle 3 balls at a time. I just hit 50 unbroken tosses and it kinda blew my mind! I can officially juggle and I actually love practicing. It’s a skill that I’ll always have.

Anyways, the idea of the “1 month experiment” is to choose something you want to learn or try. Choose something that would be awkward or uncomfortable at the start. It could be something you have always thought would be “cool” to learn or something that you just want to get more comfortable doing.

For all of you amazing athletes out there, this is incredibly therapeutic and beneficial as it shifts your focus towards something that has nothing to do with your training or sport. I am slowly getting a lot of amazing CrossFitters to join in on this to offset their competitive training.

Here’s your drill for the day

  1. Write down at least 15 things that you’d want to try, practice or learn
  2. Choose 1 and decide when you’re gonna get started
  3. Make a commitment for how often you’re going to engage in that activity
  4. Ask around to see if any one you know can give you direction or is some type of “expert”  in the field – I was shocked at all my friends who started showing me their juggling skills and helping me along my journey
  5. Post your updates to social media or somewhere for others to see your progress and struggles – #1monthexperiment
  6. Have some damn fun with it

I’ll have more details about the “1 month experiment” as I’ll make a guide about it after a couple more months of my own experimenting. For now, tag me in your posts via social media w/ #1monthexperiment or @mentalitywod


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I’m Dawn Fletcher, the owner of Driven Mind. I help driven-individuals perform better and achieve greatness in all that they do.

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