2 Ways To Make A Workout Seem Easier


Do you immediately become negative once you see what WOD you’re going to do for the day? Is your first reaction to bitch, complain or you do you instantly begin to fear how it’s going to feel?

Obviously, you can accept that discomfort is going to help you improve, and embrace the suck. But, that strategy might not work for you all the time.

Here are 2 other quick ways to reduce your anxiety, or dread for an upcoming workout that you feel is going to be really uncomfortable and tough.

1. Think of something harder that you’ve done in the past. Maybe you had to lift a heavier weight, maybe it was more reps, a longer time domain, hotter or with tougher competition. Think of an example of something “worse” that you’ve had to do.

2. Think of something harder that you could have to do, but aren’t. You could think of how the workout could be even harder. There could be even more reps, heavier weight, harder environmental conditions, etc. Think about how much worse it could possible be (I use this one a lot and it always makes me feel like what I’m going to do is totally manageable).

The bottom line is, if you keep focusing on how hard it’s going to be, how much it sucks, how you hate the rep scheme, or how you might not be able to get through it…you’re making the workout that much tougher. IF you can change your focus, and continue to try to look at things more positively, you’ll probably do a lot better.

It’s almost never as bad as we think it’s going to be, but we have to remind ourselves that we are capable and that we CAN get through it.


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I’m Dawn Fletcher, the owner of Driven Mind. I help driven-individuals perform better and achieve greatness in all that they do.

Reader Interactions


  1. Ben says

    For me the gym has become such a habit that despite any doubt for that day I still go anyway because I know I am working towards my goals.

    And in the end I actually enjoy working out, the primal feeling it gives me.. alot of the time I look forward to workouts. I do like the part where you focus on the positive.. as that’s been the best way for me.

  2. Alison Bowling says

    Embrace the suck… I like that. It does suck, all the way til endorphins kick in or adrenaline with nearly any activity it really is just a matter of buckling down and doing it isn’t it?

    • Mentality WOD says

      Alison, you’re totally right it’s all about our abilities to keep pushing – just different strategies help different people! The more we embrace the suck, the less power it has over us. 🙂

  3. Adam Trainor says

    Great post and 2 great tips. I think that when it comes to working out and its time to do a workout we hate to do, its our mind that can put us off. I like the second point out of the 2. Think of something much worse. I know if I thought of a harder workout than I was doing I would be grateful to myself that today was the easy workout. your right there you have to think positively and focus on what you want or we will never meet our personal fitness goals. We have to work hard to get where we want. Nothing comes easy these days.

  4. 1 Hour Athlete says

    Great tips!

    Putting yourself through tough challenges is an excellent way to build confidence, the next challenge always seems so much easier once you’ve conquered a few!

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